Science – Technology – Innovation & Environment

The modern world economy is knowledge-based and technology-driven. Today, the management of energy, agriculture, medicine and health, clean air, potable water, transportation, sanitation and the conservation of natural resources is an example of sectors whose solutions are based on science and information technology. For the country to make strides in its development, science, technology and innovation must be essential elements in all aspects of the national development process.

We will embark on a sustainable and integrated infrastructural development programme across the country. The integrated programme will address infrastructure that supports a modern road network, housing, water systems, aviation, ICT, ports, harbours, and railways. We will also ensure the best value for money and meaningful local participation in ICT at all levels. The programme will focus on reducing the cost of transportation, while decreasing the time it takes to move goods, food items and people from one location to another. We will create jobs and prosperity through our Integrated Infrastructure Development Programme.

Contribution of Science and Technology

Science and technology contributes less than 1% of Ghana’s GDP, compared to an average of 2.5% in the rest of Africa. It is the NPP’s intention to achieve at least 1.5% over the next four years.

At present 1%
The Next We Believe 2%