Social Development

We aim to create a society of fair opportunities for all Ghanaians. Building on the far-reaching social intervention policies of the party, will help create a fair and inclusive society, which ensures that all citizens share in the country’s wealth and prosperity.

This will be achieved by establishing a well-funded, functioning welfare system which addresses the needs of the weak, marginalised, vulnerable and socially excluded.


The government will:

a. amend the Disability Act to bring it into line with the UN Convention on Disability

b. pass appropriate Legislative Instruments for the implementation of the Mental Health Act, 2012 (Act 846) and the Disability Act, 2006 (Act 715)

c. staff and properly resource the National Council on Persons with Disability in partnership with civil society organisations

d. implement inclusive education for persons with disability

e. implement equal employment opportunity policies for appointment into public offices for persons living with disability

f. ensure the National Council on Persons with Disability (NCPD) is decentralized to the regional level in order to coordinate the activities of the various federations

g. enforce section 18 of the Disability Act that provides for free education for persons with disability

h. implement the 3% increase in Common Fund disbursements to persons with disability, announced in 2012, but which remains unimplemented

i. ensure that the portion of DACF meant for persons with disability are disbursed through the decentralized district and regional offices of the NCPD

j. modernise, improve and resource special training school for persons with disability, to train them on technical and skill training programmes, and

k. encourage private institutions to reserve a quota of jobs that can be filled by persons with disability.

At present 70%
The Next We Believe 95%